Rational perforated baking tray 6015.1103

Genuine Rational perforated baking tray made from aluminium and coated with TriLax – perfect non stick properties.

  • Free delivery on orders with a minimum order value of £100 net.
  • Standard delivery charge is £9.95 plus vat for orders under £100
  • 1/1 GN size (325mm x 530mm)
  • TriLax for non-stick properties
  • Optimal uniformity
  • Suitable for large quantities of food products
  • Exceptional robustness
  • Crisps up all types of convenience baked products
  • Easy to clean
  • Also available in 2/1 GN (650mm x 530mm)
  • If you’d like a Rational accessory brochure please call us on 01422 355400 and we’ll send one to you