Rational granite container 6014.1206

This is a genuine Rational accessory

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  • Granite enamelled
  • Particularly suitable for tray bakes, cake batter, and tray pizza.
  • Tray edges are fully formed to ensure that corners of bakery products turn out perfectly.
  • 1/2 gastronorm size, (325mm x 265mm)
  • 60mm deep
  • Ideal for roasting, braising, pan-frying and baking
  • Optimal uniformity
  • Robust fully contoured containers
  • Excellent heat conductivity ensures that bakery products are evenly browned underneath
  • Food is browned uniformly, whether it’s a juicy roast or soft tray-bake cake
  • Available in a range of sizes including 1/1 gn, 2/1 gn, plus bakery standard (400mm x 600mm)
  • Different depths also available including 20mm and 40mm.
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