Rational large roasting and baking pan set 60.73.287

This is a genuine Rational accessory

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  • Great for a wide range of pan-fried dishes for your customers including meals such as small pizzas, tortillas, paella, potato rosti and cakes in just a few minutes.
  • The griddled ¬†surface ensures even browning of food and the TriLax non stick coating prevents food from stickin
  • Trilax coated, ensures optimum non stick properties
  • Set includes two large roasting and baking pans, plus carrier tray, for secure and slip free handling
  • Suitable for preparation of pan fried dishes such as rosti, tortilla, quiche, pancakes, small pizzas and cakes
  • Excellent heat conductivity
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to handle with side handles, which also makes them easy to stack.
  • Size 25 cm (also available in 16cm size – Rational code 60.73.286)
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